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Most Trendy Desks of 2022: Home Office Desks

We spend a huge amount of our lifetime sitting at a desk, whether it's in an office or at home. While a good and trendy desk keeps you relaxed and productive, a poorly designed one can lead to back and neck strain. Whether you work from home full time or just need a place to kick back and take care of personal business, a stylish and trendy desk can elevate your day and kickstart your productivity.

The best home office desks will help you work comfortably and safely, whether you’re at your office or home. These trendy desks prioritize functionality over aesthetics, which is also why most of them would stick to classic color schemes designed to blend seamlessly in an office environment. However, it can often be tricky to know which one would suit your lifestyle and needs given the wide variety available on the market. 

We’ve discovered the best trendy desks on the market right now, whether you're searching for something unique and fashionable or a practical option to fit into a smaller space.

What to Consider when Selecting Trendy Desks

There are a few things to keep in mind when researching your home office desks, starting with the size of the desk. Make sure to take measurements of the space you have and choose a desk that will fit into the space. Next, consider the amount of storage space you might need in your desk for any office essentials; most home office desks will feature a couple of drawers, but if you need anything beyond that you’ll need to consider some more office furniture for storage space.  

Also consider what desk material, features and finish you prefer; there's solid and manufactured wood (MDF), metal, glass, acrylic, etc. Finally, take into consideration the preferred style of your desk. Do you like traditional wooden designs? Or a more contemporary, industrial style? We've rounded up the best trendy desks you can buy to suit every home, office, and budget right now. 

Our Favorite Home Office Desks

Modern Wooden Writing Desk
Most Trendy Desks

This white writing desk features a sleek, minimalist design that would fit anywhere in your home. It is outlined with simple and clean lines with sculptural shapes, which can be perfectly integrated into various modern home decoration spaces, especially with laidback contemporary appeal. 

The wide wooden desktop provides ample space for a laptop, monitor, and keyboard, with room for writing, studying, or drawing. Also, the four open storage shelves and one drawer give you room for books, equipment, and office supplies, so your desktop stays uncluttered. It's crafted from white MDF material with wood grain, bringing the feeling with rich texture and touch.

Key Specs

  • Material: MDF
  • Dimension: 163cmL x 75cmH x 60cmW
  • Storage: Drawers, Shelves

Shop Here: Modern Wooden Writing Desk

2-Drawers Office Desk with Tripod Base
black office table

A good home office desk should create a functional work zone within your home while also blending in with your design scheme—and that’s what this Office Desk with Tripod Base does.

The sturdy wood tabletop is long-lasting, and the metal base is elegant in two colors, mainly white and black, with a solid gold bottom. Stylish and contemporary refinement and also flair for your company at an affordable cost.  

Key Specs

  • Material: MDF, Stainless Steel
  • Dimension: 140cmL x 60cmW x 75cmH (Small)
  • Storage: Drawers

Shop Here: 2-Drawers Office Desk with Tripod Base

Solid-wood & Metal Computer Desk
Solid-wood & Metal Computer Desk

For a desk that is set up for a computer, consider this Solid-wood & Metal Computer Desk. It combines mid-century modern style and also modern tech. The spacious desk surface is suitable for your monitors, laptops, or other office supplies, while the adjustable foot pads are supplied to protect the floor, as well as keep desk balance & stability on uneven floors. Whether tackling taxes or working on your next big novel, this home office desk is here to help. 

Key Specs

  • Material: Solid-wood, MDF(top), Metal(base)
  • Dimension: 120cmL x 60cmW x 75cmH
  • Storage: Drawers

Shop Here: Solid-wood & Metal Computer Desk 

Traditional Secretary Hutch Desk
Traditional Hutch Desk/Table

Searching for the perfect computer desk for a smaller space, or vanity for a petite bedroom? This hutch desk might just fit the bill. It’s made from pine wood and features a traditionally-inspired silhouette with two larger lower drawers and also has a door with 2 upper shelves to store your belongings. Also, its exclusive design and numerous storage spaces make it a functional and discreet space-saving piece of furniture. 

Key Specs

  • Material: Pinewood
  • Dimension: 123cmH x 70cmL x 48cmD
  • Storage: Drawers, Shelves

Shop Here: Traditional Secretary Hutch Desk

Modern Executive L-Shaped Desk
an enlarged office

If you have the space, it’s hard to beat the Executive L-Shaped Desk. Its spacious top surface provides you with all the room you need for your must-have desk essentials like your laptop, stacks of notepads, your array of pens, and of course your coffee mug too. 

It also features two storage drawers that open and close on smooth metal runners for easy access and storage of miscellaneous items like loose papers and folders. It also comes with one open shelving with a fixed shelf for all your other office necessities.

Key Specs

  • Material: MDF, Veneer
  • Dimension: 152cmL x 75cmH x 60cmW
  • Storage: Drawers, Open-shelf

Shop Here: Modern Executive L-Shaped Desk 

Natural Wooden Hutch Writing Desk
home office Desk

It can be difficult to situate a desk in a corner, but the Hutch Writing Desk takes advantage of every bit of space with style and storage. The extendable writing desk combines a traditional hue and modern design perfect for a variety of aesthetics. 

With five drawers, one door, and additional open storage, this hutch desk has a ton of room for storage. Bring this exquisite desk to your workspace for a more defined aesthetic.

Key Specs

  • Material: MDF, Veneer
  • Dimension: 120cmL x 170mH x 60cmW
  • Storage: Drawers

Shop Here: Natural Wooden Hutch Writing Desk

Modern White Floating Desk
Modern White Floating Desk

If you’re really cramped with space, a floating desk is a great alternative. They’re mounted to the wall and offer a good space-saving solution for smaller space. Featuring a wall-mounted design, it is space-saving and it also frees up your space. Multiple drawers provide ample storage for pens and other office necessities.

This trendy floating desk is the perfect balance of utility and style in your ensemble. Its lacquer tabletop is easy to clean, and it also features drawers to offer extra storage for you. 

Key Specs

  • Material: Pine Wood, Zinc Alloy, Metal
  • Dimension: 100cmW x 45cmD x 15cmH
  • Storage: Drawers

Shop Here: Modern White Floating Desk 

White Curved Pedestal Desk
White Curved Pedestal table in an office

Dress up your office space when you add the sophisticated style and modern design of this White Curved Desk. It has a unique curved shape design tabletop while its base with 3 legs provides an asymmetrical shape. 

You will undoubtedly fall in love with this office desk for its sleek, contemporary design which is comfortable for both working and reading. This curved desk is beautiful to look at and its also incredibly useful, making it ideal for any home office, living room, or bedroom setting.

Key Specs

  • Material: Pine Wood, Metal
  • Dimension: 140cmL x 75cmH x 60cmW
  • Storage: No

Shop Here: White Curved Pedestal Desk

Aviator Desk
Aviator Desk

With this Aviator Desk, you can change your workspace into a trendy and modern look because of its eye-catching style. This desk has the look of an aviation wing and is sure to lift spirits in whatever room it's placed in, where an aluminum and riveted leather desk rests on a similar frame that tapers down to a gentle landing.

In addition, it has a vast tabletop for storing office supplies and other necessities.

Overall, the Aviator Desk offers an ultra-modern design suitable for any space. Elegant and functional, this desk is a must-have for any home.

Key Specs

  • Material: MDF, Plywood, Metal, Aluminum, Canvas, Leather
  • Dimension: 193cmW x 82cmW x 77cmH
  • Storage: Open shelves

Shop Here: Aviator Desk

Black Rattan Home Office Desk
Black Rattan Home table

This affordable and simple desk will go well just about anywhere in your home. With this beautiful home office desk, you'll be able to create the ideal workspace for yourself. It is made of pine wood with rattan, allowing you to keep your office supplies nice and organized.

With a mix of materials that highlight a crisp, clean look, the desk will bring an eye-catching style to your living room, family room, or den. This desk is perfect for smaller spaces, fully using the most space of your room, bringing great convenience to your life.

Key Specs

  • Material: Pinewood
  • Dimension: 100cmW x 76cmH x 50cmD
  • Storage: Drawers

Shop Here: Black Rattan Home Office Desk

Walnut Office Writing Desk
Walnut home office table

Simple and streamlined, this walnut writing desk brings a generous long work surface to your home office, bedroom, or living room. The writing desk also infuses a traditional industrial style into your home office or living room.

It rests on top of four carbon steel legs for plenty of support while the top section is made from MDF. This desk comes with one drawer and gives you a place to stash papers, and also charge cables.

Key Specs

  • Material: MDF, Carbon Steel
  • Dimension: 75cmH x 60cmW x 140cmL
  • Storage: Drawers

Shop Here: Walnut Office Writing Desk

Industrial Rectangular Office Desk
Industrial Rectangular Office table

Dress up your office space when you add the sophisticated style and modern design of this industrial office desk. This elegant table is a multi-purpose double office desk, designed with a trendy utility design idea for the home and the workplace which has a large, open workspace that may be used by many people simultaneously. 

For optimum weight capacity, the Industrial Rectangular Office Desk is built with a stainless steel semi-circle frame and quality MDF, making it both sturdy and beautiful with a black metal base and a solid wood tabletop. The Industrial desk is the perfect fit for every office, studio, home, or as a computer desk, study desk, or workstation by individuals of all statuses.

Key Specs

  • Material: Solid Wood, Metal
  • Dimension: L180cm x W80cm x H75cm
  • Storage: No

Shop Here: Industrial Rectangular Office Desk

Put Your Home Office Desk to Use

Investing in one of the home office desks above is your first step to setting up an ideal workspace that is conducive to both comfort and productivity. A good desk helps keep you relaxed and active, while a poorly designed one can lead to back and neck strain. 

It's a worthwhile investment whether you work from your home office or spend hours using a computer. Explore our Desks collection, for more striking designs.