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 Best Floating Makeup Vanity for Smaller Spaces

The Best Floating Makeup Vanity for Smaller Spaces

A floating makeup vanity keeps your floor less cluttered and saves a lot of space in your bedroom. These exquisite pieces are designed to create the perfect space for spending your valuable me-time - they are practical, stylish, and also fit well in smaller spaces.

Homeowners with smaller bedrooms often face difficult decisions when choosing what furniture items should be placed in the bedroom, and oftentimes, vanity tables are not on the priority list. However, for most women, these tables can be the most important piece of furniture they crave for.

With a floating makeup vanity, you can easily manage and store your makeup items, perfume, flowers, makeup books, etc even in smaller bedrooms. It is a perfect choice if you are short on space or simply want something more minimalistic. Alternatively, you can also put a makeup vanity in the bathroom or any other area in your home.

These floating vanities can both be functional and stylish addition to any home. They offer a convenient place to store all of your makeup essentials, while also providing a beautiful way to display them. Whether you are looking for a new way to organize your dressing table or simply want to give your bathroom an updated look, investing in a good quality floating makeup vanity is a smart choice.

Best Floating Makeup Vanity

Here are the 9 best floating makeup vanities for smaller bedrooms.

1. Modern Floating Makeup Dresser
    Modern Vanity Dresser

    This floating table is a perfect choice for any bedroom with a minimalist or contemporary style interior. Its simple yet elegant look makes this item a stylish addition while still bringing a lot of extra functionality not only as a vanity table, but also as a storage space where you can store your jewelry, accessories, or any other beauty products you own.

    This floating vanity dresser is the ideal makeup vanity for a magical-inspired bedroom. Its arcade-shaped form has unique details that were specially made to make you feel like a true princess living in a fairytale.

    Product Info

    • Materials: Larch Solid Wood, Metal
    • Dimensions: 80cmL x 40cmW x 20cmH
    • Storage: Yes
    2. Modern Floating Vanity with Double Drawers
    Modern Makeup Vanity

      Which single furniture piece can elevate a bedroom from functional to luxurious? This makeup vanity not only adds glamor and luxury to your bedroom but also sets the tone for a beautified makeup look. Having this makeup vanity to sit at to do your makeup is also enviably more convenient than a hectic application of lipstick in the car mirror on the way to work.

      With solutions like this modern floating vanity, you won't have to sacrifice much of your space anymore. This chic vanity set takes up very little room and can be mounted anywhere, and at any desired height. You could even put it next to your bed if space is tight, for a multi-purpose bedside and dressing table.

      Product Info

      • Materials: Solid Wood
      • Dimensions: 80cmL x 40cmW x 18cmH
      • Storage: Yes
      3. Modern Floating Makeup Vanity
      Modern Vanity Dresser

        Bring style and sophistication to any space in your home with this elegant and also unique makeup vanity. It is a great piece to have in your home to keep all of your makeup, perfume, hair tools, and more, all in one place, while also giving you the space to get ready.

        Its drawers provide the perfect place to tuck away your makeup and jewelry, while the floating design also saves space; you can set the vanity height to your preferred position. This lovely vanity creates tranquility and coziness in the bedroom with its clean and crisp lines. Whether you need a space to do your makeup or just want to add a classy touch to your guest suite, this lovely floating vanity is a must-have for your home.

        Product Info

        • Materials: Pine Solid Wood, Metal, Flannel
        • Dimensions: 50cmW x 26cmD x 18cmH
        • Storage: Yes
        4. Arc-Shaped Makeup Vanity
        wall mounted dresser

          Are you looking for a sophisticated and practical make-up and dressing table? This arc-shaped vanity is every girl's perfect ally to get ready before going out. The fabulously beautiful make-up table has plenty of space to place your make-up and jewelry.

          This vanity is fluted-designed and also features softly rounded corners that add a whimsical texture to your space. It can be mounted anywhere for display and storage - mount in the bedroom or bathroom to hold beauty/hair products/jewelry, and also exhibit family photos in a gallery style in the hallway.

          Product Info

          • Materials: Larch Solid Wood
          • Dimensions: 80cmL x 40cmW x 18cmH
          • Storage: Yes
          5. French-Styled Makeup Dresser
          wall mounted dresser

            Not an average dressing table – and never will be. This French-Styled Makeup Dresser lends a glamorous flair that blends well with any modern décor. With a generously sized drawer for all cosmetics, its curvaceous shape seems to be particularly suited to the beautification process!

            Designed with the utmost attention to detail, this makeup dresser introduces a note of glamor to your space. Take note, its multifunctional design also works beautifully as a desk, for those mornings when your bedroom is also a boardroom.

            Product Info

            • Materials: Solid Wood Plywood
            • Dimensions: 100cmL x 40cmW x 18cmH
            • Storage: Yes
            6. Luxury Makeup Vanity Dresser
            wall mounted dresser

              Freshen yourself up to start a day with energy and a gorgeous look with this luxurious makeup dresser. Also, it has multiple drawers that offer more space for your jewelry, and accessories.

              This multi-functional table can be used for any different purposes, from a computer desk, home office desk, or reading/writing table, to a vanity table. With 3 spacious drawers, this vanity is a good choice for anyone who doesn’t only need a vanity table but also requires some additional storage space to keep their bedroom clean and organized.

              Product Info

              • Materials: Solid Wood, Saddle leather
              • Dimensions: 60cmL x 40cmW x 22cmH
              • Storage: Yes
              7. Creamy Floating Makeup Vanity
              wall mounted dresser

                This creamy makeup vanity delivers all the features you need to get your daily makeup done. Whether you use it for your morning preparations or afternoon errands, it offers just the right amount of storage and tabletop space.

                It goes without saying that if you're going to have a vanity table, go for an option that has a drawer or two so that you don't clutter up the surface. With its classical drawers, this French vanity offers ample storage space; it can easily hold all your personal belongings, beauty products, and accessories.

                Product Info

                • Materials: Larch Wood, MDF
                • Dimensions: 80cmL x 40cmW x 19cmH
                • Storage: Yes
                8. Minimalist White Floating Dressing Table
                floating makeup vanity

                  If you’re a fan of simplicity, then this floating dressing table is the best option for you. This vanity table has a minimalist and elegant design. The finishing seems very premium and adds extra beauty to your room.

                  This floating dressing table is an ideal option for a makeup artist as it has two large drawers to store makeup items, perfumes, makeup books, and much more. Plus, you can also place decorative stuff and other makeup items on the top of the shelf. Why not have this exquisite floating dressing table in your bedroom, to create a lovely spot for your perfect me-time?

                  Product Info

                  • Materials: Saddle, leather, Solid Wood
                  • Dimensions: 80cmL x 40cmW x 15cmH
                  • Storage: Yes
                  9. Wall-Mounted Makeup Vanity Set
                  wall mounted dresser

                    With its compact size, this piece can be a great option for anyone with very limited available space in their bedroom. This wall-mounted makeup table also can bring a lot of extra storage options with its drawer and open shelves.

                    Designed with a wood tone for an exquisite modern style and a walnut surface for an eye-catching touch, this elegant vanity set is a great helper to store all your cosmetics. With the drop-down door and several compartments, it is also an item of space-saving furniture to be added to your home.

                    Product Info

                    • Materials: MDF, PU Leather, Solid Wood, Foam
                    • Dimensions: 65cmH x 60cmW x 25cmD
                    • Storage: Yes

                    Buying Guide for Floating Vanities

                    Floating vanities come in different styles and shapes, and choosing the best for your bedroom can be quite tasking. Here are a few factors you should take into consideration before getting any floating vanities.

                    Size & Space

                    Before purchasing a floating vanity table, ensure you measure the space you intend to place it in, so you know what size will fit best. You don’t want a shelf that is too small or too large for the space.


                    It's also important to consider the material, as it will affect both the appearance and durability of the vanity. The most common materials for floating vanities are wood, glass, or metal. Generally, wooden floating vanities are durable, allowing you to place plenty of makeup stuff, decorative items, perfume, etc.


                    Floating shelves makeup vanity come in various styles; while some have a minimalistic appearance, others are stylish, versatile, elegant, etc. Consider the overall design of your room and what type of vanity would complement it best.


                    It is essential to have some storage space in a floating vanity dresser. Most vanity tables come with compartments that provide extra space for your makeup items, perfume, brushes, jewelry, etc.


                    What is the best type of floating makeup vanity?
                    Some factors to consider when choosing a floating shelf for a makeup vanity include the weight and size of the items to be stored on the shelf, the shelf’s overall stability, and the aesthetic of the shelf.

                    What are the benefits of using a floating makeup vanity?
                    There are many benefits to using a floating shelf for a makeup vanity. One benefit is that it can help to save space. Another benefit is that it can provide a more organized look. Additionally, a floating shelf can make it easier to access your makeup and products.

                    What are the best materials for a floating vanity?
                    Various kinds of materials could be used for floating vanities, but some of the best options include wood, metal, or glass. These materials are also sturdy and can support a lot of weight, which is important for holding makeup products.

                    How do you style these floating makeup vanities?
                    There are a few things to consider when designing a floating-shelf makeup vanity for optimal functionality and style.

                    • Consider the space you have available and what type of shelving would best fit in that space.
                    • Think about what type of makeup and beauty products you would like to store on the shelves and make sure the shelving is deep enough to accommodate those items.
                    • Consider adding drawers or cabinets beneath the shelves for additional storage.
                    • Finally, choose a style that compliments the rest of your home decor.

                    Final Thoughts

                    When it comes to choosing a makeup vanity, you want something that will not only look great but also be functional. The best floating makeup vanities should have these features and more. Our list features some of the best products on the market along with a comprehensive buying guide to help you make a well-rounded decision.

                    For more exclusive makeup vanity ideas, browse through our vanity collection to get an amazing piece for your home!

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