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Top Kitchen Island Ideas that Will Upgrade Your Kitchen Design

One of the first things that is noticed in most modern kitchen designs is the kitchen island. It is a type of kitchen layout that is mostly located at the center of the kitchen and acts as a focal point for cooking, dining, chatting or relaxing while watching the food being prepared. They are a great addition to any kitchen design as they add more functionalities and upgrade the entire kitchen space. 

The kitchen being one of the most frequently visited places in the home is commonly regarded as the heart of the home as it is the hub that spurs collaboration, creativity and merry making amongst family and friends.  “My cooking time is my bonding time with the kids, so I maximize it well enough and engage the kids as well, even if they make a mess around the kitchen,'' says Eziaha, a stay-at-home mom. 

This significant impact that the kitchen offers to individuals and their loved ones is mostly dependent on the kitchen design. So upgrading the kitchen design with the use of kitchen islands is a very important factor to consider when remodeling your home. However, the choice of Islands ideas can be hectic if no proper attention is given to the kitchen layout. 

The kitchen layout is the key factor that determines the structure of a kitchen. It is responsible for the functionality and user experience while taking into consideration the shape and size of the kitchen. It also determines the positioning of the counter space, refrigerator, major appliances, cabinets or storage areas.

We have carefully curated a list of the common types of kitchen layouts and Island ideas to help inspire your kitchen design.

6 Common Types of Kitchen Layout

1. L Shaped Kitchen Layout

L-shaped kitchen layout

    An L-Shaped kitchen layout spurs you a lot of flexibility and creativity. It is best positioned with a triangular tip since it consists of two triangle-shaped sides. This layout requires that the kitchen be constructed at the corner where two walls create an ‘L’ at a perpendicular angle. To make the most of the area, the wall must also have one portion that is longer than the other.

    Also, the L-shaped kitchen is a wise design choice for small and medium-sized kitchens because it solves the issue of kitchen traffic, encourages effective use of space, and also maximizes use of available space. Adding an island to this layout instantly changes the design to a more sophisticated outlook. 

    2. Galley Kitchen Layout

    Galley kitchen layout

      Also known as corridor or parallel kitchen, the galley layout is characterized by two walls opposite each other or two parallel counter-tops with a walkway in between them. Consider keeping the work surfaces on one wall only when working with a galley kitchen layout. This layout will lessen traffic in the work triangle and help to avoid any accidents or injuries. A galley kitchen also lets you make optimal use of small spaces and is ideal for do-it-yourself remodeling.

      3. U-Shaped Kitchen Layout

      U-shaped kitchen layout

        A U-shaped kitchen layout features three walls and are lined with cabinets and appliances with easy access. Also known as horseshoe kitchen layout, the U-shaped kitchens provide plenty of storage space, allow for great workflow and let multiple users navigate the kitchen together without causing traffic. This type of kitchen is an efficient design for large kitchen areas. 

        4. One-Wall Kitchen Layout

        One wall kitchen layout

          The One-wall kitchen layout is formerly known as the “Pullman kitchen,” and is characterized by the positioning of cabinets, appliances and counter space against a single wall. It is a one way vertical line. 

          An upgrade of this design is seen with an addition of an island, which transforms the one-wall layout into a sort of galley layout and adds more workspace and service area to it. Those who prefer simple, minimalistic design should make this layout a choice because it keeps everything simple.

          5. Island Layout

          kitchen Island layout

            One of the most sought-after kitchen trends is the island layout. An island-shaped kitchen accommodates all functionalities in a sophisticated manner. It allows for a variety of comfort options to the host and guests alike. They also give more rooms for kids to play around, do their homework, cook, dine with family and friends in the kitchen. It also provides additional storage.

            Also, the island can turn a one-wall kitchen into a galley style or an L-shaped layout. It can also change an L-shaped layout into a U-shaped and a U-shaped layout into a G-shaped layout. Oh wow, what a magical effect it has on every design. Islands are undoubtedly a necessity for any kitchen design upgrade.

            6. G-Shaped Kitchen Layout

            G-shaped kitchen layout

              Basically, a G-shaped layout is a connected island, which can be created by transforming an L-shaped layout into a U-shaped layout or by redesigning a U-shaped kitchen into a G-shaped layout with the use of an island. The G-shaped kitchen provides flexibility, more than enough storage space and can accommodate multiple cooks or kitchen users. 

              Top Kitchen Island Ideas 

              1. The FarmHouse Style

              FarmHouse Kitchen Island with Sliding Door

                With the help of this farmhouse island, you can increase your workspace and storage space. It offers the extra counter space that all kitchens require thanks to its spacious surface. 

                The open shelves and two towel racks organize your belongings while making them accessible. The door also opens to show plenty of storage for your kitchen necessities. 

                Also, it is made of high-quality MDF, so durability and long-lasting service are guaranteed. Add this attractive farmhouse island to your kitchen for easy organization of your space.

                Product Details

                • Style: Farmhouse / Country
                • Feature: Storage; Shelves; Extendable; Doors Included
                • Top Color: Natural
                • Material: MDF;Metal

                Shop Now: FarmHouse Kitchen Island with Sliding Door

                2. The Modern Island Style

                72" Modern Kitchen Island with Storage Cabinet

                  This 72" modern Island with storage cabinet brings style and functionality to your kitchen space. It features a broad tabletop with a veneered marble design which offers an open workspace; and a display shelf that gives your dining room a chic, contemporary look.

                  There is plenty of hidden room for keeping your kitchen necessities under three doors and three drawers. One side of the Island table features three shelves for additional storage below the tabletop. 

                  The other side of this 72" modern Island with a storage cabinet can serve as a bar table thanks to the back design which gives room for bar stools. The large tabletop with a marble pattern veneered also provides an open work area that adds exquisite modern appeal to your dining room and kitchen.

                  Product Details

                  • Style: Modern
                  • Feature: Storage, Drawers, Shelves, Doors Included
                  • Top Color: White
                  • Material: MDF, Stainless Steel
                  • Color: Black, Natural

                  Shop Now: 72" Modern Kitchen Island with Storage Cabinet

                  3. The Industrial Extendable Style

                  60'' Industrial Extendable Kitchen Island with 3 Drawers

                    Include this elegant industrial extendable island in your room. It has a pull-out table that you can use to extend your workspace or add more diners for a holiday party. You will have enough storage for your kitchen needs with drawers and shelves with this kitchen island. 

                    The industrial attractiveness of a black carbon steel frame with a white Sintered Stone top will stay for a very long time in your dining room. Make your kitchen look exquisite and inviting with this industrial extendable Island.

                    Product Details

                    • Style: Industrial
                    • Feature: Storage;Drawers;Shelves;Extendable
                    • Top Color: White
                    • Material: MDF; Sintered Stone; Carbon Steel

                    Shop Now: 60'' Industrial Extendable Kitchen Island with 3 Drawers

                    4. The White and Black Extendable Style

                    The White and Black Extendable Island Style

                      Add this stylish yet multi purpose extendable white and black type of island to your kitchen space to give it a modern look. It has a pull-out table that you may utilize to increase the number of diners for a holiday party or expand your workstation.

                      With drawers and shelves, you have more than enough storage for your kitchen necessities. Your dining area will retain the industrial appeal of a black carbon steel frame and a white Sintered Stone top for a very long time.

                      This extendable white and black island will serve you in different ways and also add a modern aesthetic design to your kitchen appearance.

                      Product Details

                      • Style: Modern
                      • Feature: Storage;Extendable;Drawers;Doors Included;Shelves
                      • Top Color: White;Black
                      • Material: MDF

                      Shop Now: 73''-93'' Extendable White and Black Kitchen Island

                      5. The Oval Sintered Stone Style

                      72'' Oval Sintered Stone Kitchen Island

                        This oval sintered stone type of  island will add a dash of glitz to your room. Its well calculated size allows it to take center stage and serve as a multipurpose workplace for entertaining and regular dining. 

                        The drawer with compartments underneath will assist to keep your kitchen necessities close at reach, and the doors open to show adequate storage for your kitchen needs. This type of  island also  has a towel bar to help hang your kitchen towels. 

                        Your dining room will seem stunningly modern with the addition of a rounded design and smooth Sintered Stone texture. This oval sintered stone  island is Ideal for increasing the amount of storage in your kitchen. 

                        Product Details

                        • Style: Modern
                        • Feature: Doors Included; Shelves;Storage
                        • Top Color: White
                        • Material: Sintered Stone;MDF;Stainless Steel

                        Shop Now: 72'' Oval Sintered Stone Kitchen Island

                        6. The White Extendable Style

                        The White Extendable island Style

                          This white extendable style of  island with pantry and cabinet storage will make your kitchen look more sophisticated and classic. It provides a spacious work area and excellent modern appeal by the broad tabletop with a wooden marble design. It also provides more area for accommodating extra dinner guests for a holiday party because it has a pull-out table. 

                          Mixing bowls, baking ware, and platters are easily accessible from any side thanks to the two open shelves, and the door provides plenty of hidden space for kitchen necessities. 

                          To add more prep area, add this white extendable island to your kitchen and you will be glad you did.

                          Product Details

                          • Style: Modern
                          • Feature: Storage;Doors Included;Drawers;Shelves;Extendable
                          • Top Color: White
                          • Material: MDF;Carbon Steel;Sintered Stone

                          Shop Now: 60'' Modern White Extendable  Kitchen Island

                          7. The Rectangular Marble Style

                           Rectangular Marble Style

                            With this simple yet modern white rectangular marble type of  island, you can add a cute little touch of elegance to your space while enjoying a great time. It blends perfectly with a number of decorating styles thanks to its unique design.

                            The broad tables can be used as a multipurpose location for dining and entertaining. Since it is made of high-quality MDF, it will survive for a very long time. This modern white rectangular marble island will give your kitchen a clean and beautiful look.

                            Product Details

                            • Style: Modern
                            • Top Color: White
                            • Material: MDF
                            • Top Material: MDF

                            Product Details: 47'' Modern White Rectangular Marble Kitchen Island with Cabinet Storage

                            8. The 3 Tier Wooden Cart Style

                            3 Tier Wooden Cart Style

                              An excellent solution for keeping food, dishes, wine bottles and other items is made possible by this 3 tier wooden cart island, which provides plenty of storage space and plenty of room to enjoy cooking with your loved ones.

                              It has 360-degree universal wheels, making it easy to move and non-stick. Due to its strong structure and greater durability provided by the metal frame, the shelves on this cart can hold a significant amount of weight with a strong bearing capacity.

                              Also, you don’t need to be an expert on the assembly, as it comes with numbered parts and step-by-step instructions for easy assembly. This wooden 3 tier cart island style is also multi-functional and designed to meet different storage needs in different parts of the home.

                              Product Details

                              • Style: Modern
                              • Material: Wrought  Iron Frame, Solid wood
                              • Feature: Tier 3 cabinet
                              • Color: Black, White
                              • Number of Drawers: 2

                              Shop Now:  3 Tier Wooden Cart Kitchen Island with Universal Wheels

                              9. The Movable Marble Island Style

                              The Movable Marble Island Style

                                Our Movable Marble style of Island is a ready-made solution for your baking and dry kitchen needs, made of engineered marble and an iron frame, and it is ideal for cooking and food preparation.

                                Equipped with an open shelf, casement doors with shelving, and two drawers, this island design has given every thought to your storage and organizational needs. An interesting fact about this island is its movable wheels that makes it mobile and fits into any kitchen layout. 

                                The island has lockable wheels, which is a thoughtful feature that will come in handy when you want to get creative with your kitchen or dining area. This Movable Marble Island is a versatile furniture piece for modern, classic, or country-inspired homes.

                                Product Details

                                • Material: Marble, Tempered Glass, Iron Frame
                                • Style: Modern
                                • Feature: Open Shelf, Drawers, Doors, Wheels
                                • Color: Black, White

                                Shop Now:  Movable Marble Kitchen Island with Cabinet


                                ‘’Adding a kitchen Island is one of the best ways to increase your kitchen value’’-says Donald, a real estate investor. This statement isn’t far from the truth as kitchen islands are evergreen and never run out of style, they add great value on investment and their functionalities can never be overemphasized. They are a key component for any kitchen upgrade or remodeling. You can also visit this article to learn more about the importance of kitchen islands.

                                Also visit our Kitchen Collection to explore more of our kitchen products.