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The Best Bathroom Organization Hacks

Best Bathroom Organization Hacks Every Neat Freak Needs to Know!

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in our homes, and good bathroom organization is essential. It can make a small bathroom feel bigger and more efficient and ensure that all of your bathroom items are easy to access. As we all know, the bathroom is everyone’s least favorite part of the home to tidy up when it comes to cleaning up around the house.

With all the daily activities that take place in the bathroom, it can often become cluttered and disorganized. Fortunately, there are plenty of clever hacks and ideas to help you keep your bathroom organized and looking its best. There are so many ways to utilize small spaces that your bathroom has, like behind the door, above the toilet, under the cabinet, and even above the door!

In this detailed article, we'll share some of the best bathroom organization ideas to help you maximize your space and also keep it looking neat and organized. From small storage solutions to clever DIY projects, these hacks will have your bathroom looking spotless in no time. 

Ready to get organized? Here are the 15 best bathroom organization hacks that you need to know about!

15 Best Bathroom Organization Hacks & Tricks

1. Install a Wall-mounted Medicine Cabinet

A Wall-mounted Medicine Cabinet in a bathroom

Medicine cabinets provide a convenient place to store bathroom necessities within easy reach. It's an ideal spot to stash daily-use items such as toothpaste, skincare products, cosmetics, shaving & first-aid supplies, and more. Use a wall-mounted medicine cabinet to keep toiletries, medications, and other items stashed out of sight but right at hand when you need them. Make sure to arrange items so the door can still shut completely.

2. Mount a Towel Rack/Rail

a mounted Towel Rack/Rail

Towel racks can do much more than just hold or store linens, as they keep towels off the floor and in an easy-to-reach spot, while also drying them. Installing this Wall-Mounted Towel Rail will help keep towels organized, and also help keep them from taking up space on the counter or floor.

3. Hang Floating Shelves

three floating shelves on a wall

You often find a towel rack or a cabinet over a toilet, but a floating shelf like this Clear Brown Floating Display Shelf is both pretty and functional, and you can add as many as you can fit. These floating shelves increase storage in a small bathroom while saving space. You're able to display skin-care and makeup products, extra cleaning supplies, washcloths, decorative items, and more in a previously underused area. 

4. Store Bathroom Supplies on a Cart

Bathroom Supplies stored on a Cart

Repurpose a bar cart into a roll-away bathroom storage cart. Bathroom carts provide a good place to store your towels, toiletries, and other items that usually clutter your countertop, and you can even store rolls of toilet paper in the carts. When you need extra space, just roll the unit into a closet until you need it again.

5. Choose a Bathroom Mirror with Storage

a led bathroom mirror with storage

This LED Vanity Mirror with Storage is a great storage solution for small spaces. The storage mirror provides ample space and keeps everything you need organized and easy to reach. Swing open the doors to reveal shelves that can hold all your health care and beauty products.

6. Repurpose Furniture in your Bathroom

a tall cabinet in a bathroom

Furniture designed for living spaces can also function as extra bathroom storage when cabinets and drawers aren't enough. You can add a little subtle flair and functionality to your bathroom with this Wall Mounted Bathroom Cabinet. The piece fills a void on your wall and adds more storage alternatives to your bathroom without taking up a lot of room.

7. Incorporate a Storage Ladder

a storage ladder resting on a wall

Bathroom storage ladders provide a great spot for hanging towels or washcloths. They work especially well in a small bathroom when designed to fit over the toilet, an area that is often just wasted space. These ladders can be placed anywhere in your bathroom, don’t require drilling, and don’t take up too much room. This makes them a great option for slim spaces and small bathrooms.

8. Hang Small Plastic Laundry Baskets

Plastic Laundry Baskets hanged on a table

Tired of the messy look that comes from bath toys strewn across the tub or of scattered clothes all over the bathtub? Fill up this Hangable Plastic Laundry Basket with your dirty clothes, nursery items, toys, stuffed animals, detergent, and more. The open-side construction allows maximum airflow for keeping odor and mildew forming from wet washcloths, towels, sweaty clothes, soiled baby items, and other items placed in them.

9. Hang a caddy over the shower head

a caddy over a shower head

Shower caddies are the unsung hero of a clean and organized bathroom. Instead of leaving all of your toiletries on the tub ledges, consolidate them into an organizer to keep things easily accessible and prevent soap buildup. Set product bottles and bars of soap on the shelves and hang loofahs, scrubbers, and razors from hooks.

10. Make Use of Under-sink Storage

Under-sink Storage

You can’t go wrong with extra under-sink storage space. Whether you have a wall-mounted sink or a pedestal sink, you can always add more shelving or a cabinet, under or around it, for your bathroom essentials. Stock a basket or tray with spray cleaners, paper towels or microfiber cloths, disinfectant wipes, brushes, sponges, and other essentials to keep your sink and countertop sparkling.

11. Have Fun with some Hooks & Racks

towels hanged on a hook in a bathroom

No matter the size of your bathroom, there never seems to be enough storage space in the closet, on the counter, and shelves. An easy solution is to add hooks and racks to hang towels, robes, and the like. These come in a variety of shapes and colors, and several no-drill options are available. If you fancy adding some character to your bathroom, you can experiment with some fun DIY ideas, like reusing vintage doorknobs as bathroom hooks.

12. Use Bathroom Drawer Organizers

makeup supplies in a drawer organizer

Vanity drawers can benefit from bathroom organizing bins to keep everyday items handy. These bathroom organizers help you to utilize all of the space in your drawers. This creates more space to store your items. Get a variety of sizes to keep products stored properly, and you'll know exactly where to find everything on rushed mornings.

13. Pick a Vanity With Open Shelving

a vanity with open shelving

Not only is the sintered stone finish of this bathroom vanity stunning, but it also offers a ton of storage with shelves and drawers. This Ceramic Bathroom Vanity is a fantastic storage improvement to your bathroom, as it features hidden storage behind doors and compartments for plenty of space for your toiletries and towels.

14. Repurpose a Bookshelf/Bookcase

a bookshelf in a bedroom

A tall slim bookshelf is a wonderful way to add storage to a smaller bathroom, like this Freestanding Storage Shelf. This 4-tier piece is reliable to hold all of your books, bath items, or collectibles while complementing any bathroom. Pick shelves that are wide and tall enough for perfectly folded towels, and other washcloths you have. 

15. Float a Shelf Above the Tub

a floating shelf across a tub

The area above your bathtub might just be perfect for adding a floating shelf to store some bathroom essentials or extra towels. These spaces are often underused, and it's a perfect spot to hang an extra-long floating shelf. 

Bathroom Organization FAQs

How to organize a bathroom counter?

The best way to organize your bathroom counter is to first get rid of any items that are not used frequently. Start by sorting items into categories such as makeup, facial care, tooth care, and medicines. Once items are sorted, store them in designated areas. Items like hair brushes, makeup, and small toiletries are perfect for drawers—and should be tucked away when you're done with them (not left on the countertop!).

What should you store under the bathroom sink?

From cleaning supplies to your hair dryer, curling iron, shampoo, and also your conditioner, the space under your bathroom sink counter is perfect for storing all kinds of things.

How can I organize my bathroom without cabinets?

  • Make your door do double duty.
  • Don't waste the space over your toilet.
  • Declutter your counter with organizers.
  • Hang a magnet board for beauty items.
  • Put a mini shelf over your faucet.
  • Make space on your shower curtain.

What can I use instead of a towel bar?

You can use a freestanding bookcase in the bathroom for an elegant towel storage idea. With wide open shelves, you can keep multiple stacks of towels at the ready. Use a large basket to house washcloths and other small linens.

Final Thought!

The bathroom is such a multifunctional space, and we end up storing a variety of products and items in there, from makeup and toiletries to cleaning tools and supplies. Inevitably, over time, the bathroom becomes home to things that are either unused, expired, or don’t belong there in the first place. 

These creative bathroom organization hacks will boost bathroom storage, helping you keep your bathroom essentials organized. We hope that these hacks would inspire you to give your bathroom a facelift and also make the most of every space in it. 

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