Wall Sconces & Flush Wall Lights

Wall Sconces & Flush Wall Lights

Wall sconces & flush wall lights can really go a long way in creating a sleek, modern and stylish feel to a living space. These fittings are also a great idea for use in narrow hall and stairwells where light is needed but space is precious to spare.

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Wall Lights

Specifically designed to add ambient lighting in a variety of spaces, indoor wall sconces and wall lights are shaped to add dramatic up and downlighting effects, adding depth and structure to a room. Adjustable picture and display lights draw attention to a painting or work of art, while art glass sconces can provide a splash of color and become statements themselves.

In the bedroom, a wall mounted reading light is an ideal choice for focused task lighting. Bathrooms benefit from vanity bath bars and wet or damp rated wall lights. Wall uplights are perfect for hallway lighting and picture lights are perfect for highlighting family photos or works of art. For smaller spaces, thin wall sconces can provide welcoming light and a touch of elegance. Finally, in restaurants, retail stores and hotels, commercial wall sconces can offer a final decorative touch.

Other Considerations

Understanding the need for wall lighting is essential to finding the perfect fixtures. Be mindful of common wall light size dimensions like height, width (how far the light protrudes from the wall) and length, as each plays an important role. If multiple fixtures are needed, be considerate of how far apart they are installed. The typical recommendation is to be 60 inches from the floor and at least 6 feet apart from each other. Look at the wall light's lumen rating to get the best idea of how bright it will be.

Also consider the required bulb type to identify the fixture's light output. If outdoor wall lights are needed for the deck, patio, front porch or flanking the garage, make sure the fixtures are rated for wet or damp locations.