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How To Choose The Best Rug Materials For Your Space: Rug Material Guide

How To Choose The Best Rug Materials For Your Space: Rug Material Guide

Trying to get the best rug material for your space? Here is a simple guide to assist you.

Rugs are made from a variety of materials, including nylon, wool, cotton, polyester, and silk which are the most common ones in the market. The variety of options can be overwhelming but the fibers used in a rug do affect how it appears, its durability and its resistance.

Additionally, to choose the best rug material, there are a few things you need to consider. You need to consider the area you will be placing the rug, is it an indoor or outdoor space?Will is be in a high-traffic area? Do you need a rug that is suitable for kids and pets? What is your Budget? Putting all these into consideration will surely give you reasons to choose a particular rug material that will best suit your needs.

We have taken out time to provide you with the necessary information on things to consider, the common types of rug materials in the market, and a comparison of these rug materials.

Things To Consider

Where Will You Place The Rug? 
It is important to put into consideration the location where you will like to put the rug. The rug you choose has to be suitable for that space. Is the rug meant to be placed indoors or outdoors? Or is it for a place with low or high traffic? Do you need it for a place that has more tendency for water or drink spill? Make sure the rug you pick can check the box for the location needed.

How Will The Rug Be Used?  
Understanding the kind of usage a rug will be subjected to is also a key factor in choosing the best rug material. Is the rug mainly for decorative purposes or lounging? Will the rug be accessible to kids and pets? Will it be put through rough use? Having an idea of the purpose the rug is to serve can help you better choose the rug that will best suit your space.

What Look And Feel Do You Desire? 
Are you looking for a rug to transform your interior setting? Or one that will complement your existing home décor? Different rug materials certainly have different appearances and the choice you make can influence the look and feel you desire for your space. 

Budget & Quality
What is your budget? Are you ready to spend money on a high-quality rug? You could have to pay much more for a natural fiber rug made of wool or silk than for one made of synthetic materials. Synthetic fiber would be a better option if you are currently looking for a floor covering that is merely aesthetically pleasing and not very high quality. 

Common Types of Rugs Materials

  • Wool Rug
  • Polypropylene Rug
  • Cotton Rug
  • Polyester Rug
  • Silk Rug
  • Jute Rug
  • Faux Hide and Faux Fur

Rug materials comparison

Wool Rug

wool rug

Wool is a natural fiber, and rugs made of wool are often handwoven, hand-tufted, hand-knotted, or hand-loomed. Although there are wool rugs created by machines, they are usually made from synthetic rather than actual wool. Due to the immense labor that goes into designing and creating genuine wool rugs, they are more expensive, but the quality is exceptional.

It retains color well and has a soft feel. It is also easy to clean up. The comfy and soft pile of wool allows you to unwind barefoot. Since wool's thick fibers are crush-resistant, lively children and pets won't damage it. It has the quality and durability you can rely on.

Because of their durability, rugs made of wool are perfect for high-traffic areas like the bedroom, living room, and entryway.

Features: Soft, High Durability, Spot Clean Only, High Cost, Sustainable

Polypropylene Rug

Polypropylene rug material

A large number of Rugs on the market are often made from synthetic materials like polypropylene. This synthetic fabric can imitate the texture and softness of genuine wool. Even though they are often thinner than wool rugs, some of them can still feel soft.

Polypropylene rugs are also incredibly durable, Water-proof, fade-resistant, and simple to clean. Because of its durability, it can is suitable for a variety of high-traffic areas, including children's bedrooms, hallways, dining rooms, and outdoors.  Although not as environmentally friendly, polypropylene rugs are one of the most budget-friendly options.

Features: Soft, High Durability, Washable, Low Cost, Machine-made

Cotton Rug

cotton textile

One of the finest rug materials for a casual, natural appearance is cotton. Although it is not ideally suitable for places with heavy traffic, it is a go-to rug material that works well for serene settings to relax or meditate. If you want to switch up your rug according to the season or a particular trend, cotton rugs are an excellent choice.

Cotton rug serves as a budget-friendly alternative however it tends to fade quickly and doesn't repel stains so it won’t last for decades. Since many cotton rugs are reversible, they may be used much like a picnic blanket in your living room.

Features: Soft, Medium Durability, Washable, Low Cost, Sustainable
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Polyester Rug

polyester fabric

A polyester rug is an affordable alternative to natural fibers. It is soft and stain resistant so you can enjoy the comfort and forget about drink spills. Additionally, polyester rug resists fading, so it maintains its vibrant appearance for a longer time. However, unlike true wool rugs or other natural fiber rug types, Polyester doesn’t wear well. Because the smooth strands can't retain dirt, it tends to get dirty more quickly. Although frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning will keep a polyester rug looking excellent from time to time.
You can put a polyester rug by the backdoor for foot tracking and it can also serve as a place for your pets to sit to wipe their paws after a long walk.

Unfortunately, because synthetic fibers are petroleum products, they're not always a great option for families with small children crawling on the floor. A polyester rug is suitable for high-traffic areas like your living room, stairway, or hallway.  Also, it is a great option if you wish to change the color or design of your rug frequently.

Features: Soft, High Durability, Washable, Medium Cost, Vegan
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Silk Rug

silky fabric

These rugs are lovely and elegant, with a luxurious shine and subtle softness. Silk is decorative and very attractive, giving your home a chic, designer appeal. Silk rug provides a stunningly distinctive look but needs a little more maintenance than other rug materials due to its shimmer. Whether 100% silk or a blend, a silk rug has a beautiful shine that is unmatched by other fibers. However, because it is incredibly delicate, it can be difficult to clean. Also, it is best for low-traffic spaces but because of its luxurious, dramatic, and enchanting appeal, it is of high cost.

Features: Soft, Low Durability, Pro Clean Only, High Cost, Sustainable

Jute Rug

Jute rug material

Natural rug fibers like jute can give any space a tropical vibe. Its thick, woven piles provide a massage sensation for bare feet. A jute rug is a simple and durable type of rug. Although appealing, the prickly feel is not suitable for playing with children or relaxing. The gritty, sandy knots can also be snagged by cat claws and high shoes.

Jute rugs are a good option for spaces that need texture, particularly in locations where a sizable rug is required. It is a neutral rug that works well put beneath more ornamental, smaller rugs. You need to be cautious of where you place this type of rug because some of them can show watermarks and be difficult to clean.

Jute rug requires extra caution for outdoor spaces. Make sure the jute rug you purchase for an outside area is suitable for exposure to the weather. This organic weave rug is healthier for your family since it is less prone to hold allergies due to the rope-like design. Jute fibers' timeless neutral beige allows you to combine this firm rug with more colorful designs for visual appeal. Its affordable price point also makes it a good value.

Features: Firm, Medium Durability, Pro Clean Only, Low Cost, Sustainable, Vegan Hypoallergenic

Faux Hide and Faux Fur

Faux hide and Faux fur material

You can consider a faux hide or faux fur rug if you don't like the idea of owning a real animal hide or if your budget is limited. These rugs are often machine-woven and usually comprise acrylic and synthetic blends.

These rugs are fantastic if you desire the luxury of fur without worrying about their ethical sourcing. Faux hide and faux fur rugs mimic the look of the genuine one without the ethical issues or the early barnyard odor. Although, they are not as simple to clean as genuine hides and furs.

These rugs are made of synthetic materials, which are less long-lasting than real hides and furs as a result, they are less durable.

Features: Soft, Plush, Medium Durability, Washable, Medium Cost, Vegan
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Rug material is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a rug. Nonetheless, choosing the right material for a rug doesn’t have to feel daunting. With our guide on understanding the common type of rug material, you can identify the one that is best for you.

Most Importantly, You also need a routine maintenance if you want your rug to last longer withour looking worn out. If you are not sure of how to best take care of you rugs, Checkout this 5 home hacks to keep your rugs beautifully clean all year round.

Now that you have an idea of the best rug material that will achieve the right look and feel for your home, you can now check our Rug collection at CharmyDecor and start shopping.