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Best TV Stands

The 8 Best TV Stands to Organize and Beautify Your Living Space

The best TV stands should be the next item on your to-do list after investing a great deal of money on your television. A TV stand provides a place to display your television, organize cable and streaming devices, and store books and decorative accents. These stylish pieces also enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room, giving it a modern appearance. If your TV is placed in a room like the living room, your TV stand can also be used to add an element of decor to the room. 

Furthermore, updating your TV stand is a smart investment if what you have is purely functional and adds zero styles to your family room. Fortunately, there's a wide range of attractive tv stands/media consoles on the market to snag at affordable prices. Plus, most of them also come with extra space for storage. 

Invest in a TV stand that can accommodate your TV size, weight, and other functionality you want in it. To help you make the right pick, we filter through dozens of the best options based on features, qualities, and pricing to bring you the best TV stands. 

Read on for our recommendations, along with advice on what to consider before you shop.

What to Consider when Selecting a TV Stand

The most common materials for these furniture are glass, wood, metal, and more recently, medium-density fiberboard (MDF). The material you choose will also depend on several factors including safety. Commonly, wood-finished units are resilient, glass and metal units are considered quite durable while MDF units are considered stable.

If you already have a TV or plan to buy a new one, you’ll need to find a stand with the right dimensions. In addition to length and width, pay more attention to height to ensure your TV will be at the appropriate eye level.

Although beauty should not be your dominant factor, it is something you should consider. If the TV stand doesn’t blend well with your decor scheme, it will make your room look mismatched.

Although tv stands were primarily designed to hold your TV, many now feature built-in storage that is ideal for keeping your consoles and DVD collections organized. However, if storage isn’t a concern for you and you’re interested in creating a more minimalist look then a TV unit with open shelving is the ideal solution.

Cable management
As was previously mentioned, some TV stands come with storage to help keep video games, routers, and sound systems neatly organized. If you intend to use shelves or drawers for anything that plugs in, you want to make sure there are holes in the back of the piece that you can feed cables through to make powering all of your electronics easier and more organized.

Our Top Picks

1. Tempered Glass TV Media Console
Tempered Glass Media Console

    Looking for an ultra-modern TV Stand? The Tempered Glass TV Media Console is an excellent choice due to its attractive design and unique features. The combination of gold finish and black lacquer creates a sleek, opulent effect. 

    This tv stand also includes three solid wood drawers for organizing gadgets, books, and media accessories. It is durable and made for long-term use because it is made of MDF, tempered glass, and stainless steel.

    Key Specs

    • Material: Wood; Stainless Steel; MDF; Tempered Glass
    • Size: 200cmW x 40cmD x 40cmH
    • TV Size Ranges: 70-79 Inch TVs
    • Cable management: No
    • Storage: Yes
    2. Electric Fireplace Humidifier TV Stand 
     Electric Fireplace Humidifier console unit

      What's more fascinating than a TV stand also doubling as a humidifier? Sit back, take a deep breath and relax while watching your favorite show above this stunning Humidifier TV unit. A cozy evening by the open fire is a cinch with a tv stand with 2-in-1 features.

      This piece humidifies the air in the room while bathing it in the amber light of the fireplace effect. It is a humidifier, fireplace effect, and storage in one. The humidifier fireplace tv stand creates a stunning flame effect with your choice of 6 flame speeds and a timer for up to 9 hours (not real flame). Featuring a clean, minimalist design, this piece is perfect for those in need of living room storage space. Also, it is convenient to set up with a remote control.

      Key Specs

      • Material: Faux Marble
      • Size: 200cmW x 25.5cmH x 40cmD
      • TV Size Ranges: 80 Inch TVs And Larger
      • Cable management: No
      • Storage: Yes
      3. Minimalist Slatted Media Console

      slatted media console

      With Linear-driven design of walnut wood frames, this stylish piece features vertical slats which create a slatted pattern when opened. This media console's geometric slatted façade gives it texture and subtle depth.

      With an MDF base and roomy cabinets, it's a storage piece and a work of art. A distinguished design with a touch of modern and country appeal, this unique slatted tv stand will be a wonderful choice for your living room, bedroom or office. 

      Key Specs

      • Material: MDF
      • Size: 180cmH x 55,5cmH x 40cmD
      • TV Size Ranges: 70-79 Inch TVs
      • Cable management: No
      • Storage: Yes
      4. Marble-Top TV Console in Champagne
      Marble-Top media Console in Champagne

        Pump up the contemporary light luxurious appeal of your living room or entertainment center with the Marble-Top TV Console. Featuring clean lines and a light color tone, this TV stand has a gentle appearance for a relaxed atmosphere. Combined with a gold-finished metal frame, it exudes sturdiness in practical usage.

        This TV Console comes with 4 drawers and a 2-door shelf that provides you ample storage for magazines, electronics, media accessories, and other collections. This entertainment center would be the perfect accent for your living space.

        Key Specs

        • Material: Metal, Manufactured Wood, Faux Marble
        • Size: 220cmW x 45cmD x 60cmH
        • TV Size Ranges: 80 Inch TVs And Larger
        • Cable management: No
        • Storage: Yes
        5. Oval Vintage TV Stand
        Oval Vintage media unit

          The Oval Vintage TV Stand in walnut decorates your room and provides plenty of space for storing all of your media accessory necessities. Constructed from fine MDF and solid wood, it ensures sturdy construction and everlasting beauty. It is an ideal spot to display your family photos, art pieces, and more. 

          This lovely tall TV stand with a natural walnut appearance and white base makes it look like an adorable pine cone, but with a large capacity of storage. It has plenty of room to store all of your media accessories thanks to its four spacious drawers and four doors.

          Key Specs

          • Material: MDF; Faux Leather; Solid Wood
          • Size: 200cmW x 64cmH x 43cmD
          • TV Size Ranges: 80 Inch TVs And Larger
          • Cable management: No
          • Storage: Yes
          6. Farmhouse Wooden TV Stand
          Farmhouse Wooden TV Stand

            It's time to put to use our functional and elegant TV console/Bookshelf with plenty of open storage! This TV stand is a media console cabinet that supports up to 60-69 Inch flat-screen TVs. You can use the additional compartments below the TV shelf to house media players, game consoles, and even books. 

            Overall, the Farmhouse Wooden TV Stand is a beautiful and reliable TV stand that can bring style to your living room or bedroom. With its large storage capacity and pleasing aesthetic, you get much value from this option.

            Key Specs

            • Material: MDF
            • Size: 160cmW x 40cmH x 50cmD
            • TV Size Ranges: 60-69 Inch TVs
            • Cable management: Yes
            • Storage: Yes
            7. Wavy-Designed Walnut TV Stand
            Wavy-Designed Walnut TV console

              Bring this Wavy-Designed Walnut TV Stand to your abode for a warm and inviting look. An organic aesthetic, linear detail and wave-like flow bring iconic style to this mid-century TV stand media console. 

              Incorporating multiple drawers, this media unit is the optimal storage solution if you often find your living room cluttered. It has 4 clean golden metal legs, with a square, simple modern drawer, and tabletop. It is suitable for TVs Up to 75", and can be used in the living room and bedroom.

              Key Specs

              • Material: Pine Wood, Metal
              • Size: 180cmW x 51cmH x 40cmD
              • TV Size Ranges: 70-79 Inch TVs
              • Cable management: No
              • Storage: Yes
              8. Gray Extendable TV Stand 
               Gray Extendable TV Stand

                The ultimate space-saving piece of furniture__ this minimalistic Extendable TV Stand will enhance your entertainment area with its asymmetrical inspired piece of art. The base features two large pull-out drawers, while the mezzanine features a single pull-out drawer. 

                Made from quality manufactured wood in gray, this expandable console TV Stand can be pushed horizontally up to 108"(275cm). This TV Stand would not only help organize, but also bring a bit of fashionable interior design into your home.

                Key Specs

                • Material: Manufactured Wood
                • Size: 280cmW x 40cmH x 40cmD
                • TV Size Ranges: 79 Inch TVs And Larger
                • Cord management: No
                • Storage: Yes

                FAQs on TV Stands

                How tall should a TV stand be?
                Ensuring that your TV is kept in a comfortable position involves some simple calculations: Measure the distance from the floor to the average sightline of viewers in your home. Once you have that number, subtract half of the TV's height. The ideal height for your TV stand will fall within an inch or two of the difference.

                Are TV stands supposed to be bigger than the TV?
                Yes, experts recommend that your TV stand be at least 3 to 6 inches wider or longer than your TV. This measurement accounts for mounting your TV and resting your TV on top of the entertainment center.

                What's the difference between a TV stand and an entertainment center?
                A TV stand is typically a low, simple cabinet for your television to sit on, while a TV entertainment center usually has the look of a tall, built-in wall cabinet and includes additional shelving and storage, with the television as the centerpiece of the unit.

                How do you style a TV unit?
                Small decorative items such as picture frames, boxes, and ornaments also look great on TV units. If there's enough space, group different-sized items in threes. Alternatively, opt for a single item for a minimalist look. To fit in with your interior scheme, select colors found around the rest of the room.

                In conclusion, whether it’s to add aesthetic or functional value to your living space, rest assured that investing in a new TV stand provides you and your household with numerous benefits. 

                We, at Charmydecor Store, provide a wide range of furniture items. Browse through our TV Stands collection to see more unique designs.