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The Best Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

The Best Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

Floor mirrors are uncommon home decor items that serve both practical and aesthetically pleasing purposes, we have the best creative ways to style a floor mirror curated for you in this article. Additionally, any room, including living rooms, dressing rooms, bedrooms, entryways, home gyms, and patios, can benefit from having a floor mirror. 

Whether you love ornate mirrors or rustic wooden frames, our tips and tricks can help you use mirrors to bring new life to your home. Floor mirrors can add a serious wow factor to a space, not to mention solve a few design dilemmas along the way. 

Before choosing the best creative ways to style a floor mirror in your space, it is important to note the available floor space and frame features you will need. We have listed below some modern, retro, and minimalist ways to decorate your space with the use of a floor mirror. Moreover, we hope you get inspired and visit our store to get the floor mirror of your dreams!

Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

  • Introduce a Dramatic Entryway
  • Position Behind a Furniture
  • Light up your Living Room
  • Complement the Dressing Room
  • Layer Up Nightstands
  • Double your Bedroom Window
  • Style a Home Gym 
  • Open Up the Dining Room

Introduce a Dramatic Entryway

The Best Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

The entryway establishes the tone for the remainder of the house. You can position a floor mirror beside your console table to add drama to your foyer. Having a mirror with a stylish frame will make your home feel warm and exciting when guests step in. 

You could also layer the floor mirror with a variety of your favorite furnishings, such as miniature lights and vases. Hallways are sometimes modestly adorned, but with a little extra care, they can really shine. A floor mirror is a way to go if you want to keep it simple but striking.

Position Behind A Furniture

bear mirror frame

A classic decorator tip is to place a floor mirror behind a piece of furniture. This solution is not just easier than hanging the mirror above a piece of furniture, but it also creates a wonderful layered aesthetic while significantly magnifying light.

However, pick a mirror frame that complements the furniture in front, such as the wood tones, or mix it up for a more eye-catching aesthetic. In either case, the setup will instantly make your space feel larger.

Light up your Living room

The Best Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

Large floor mirrors, in addition to lighting up a room, can make it appear twice as large. It may appear contradictory, but choosing a big floor mirror that takes up a significant piece of a wall can work wonders in a small space. 

But, choose a simple frame to avoid crowding the space. The effect is twofold: not only does the mirror provide a place for the eye to rest among the pattern-rich furnishings, but its location also makes the ceiling appear taller.

Complement the Dressing Room

asymmetric mirror

Instead of hanging a simple frameless mirror on a wall or the back of a closet door, try leaning a large mirror in a convenient location. Lean a long mirror in the back of a walk-in closet to make the space feel larger and, of course, to help with dressing. Alternatively, a floor mirror can become part of a room’s existing architecture, enhancing what’s already there and adding beautiful depth.

Layer Up Nightstands

The Best Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

Mirrors will enhance any environment by adding light, space, flair, and depth. You can have the courage to experiment with how you use mirrors in your home to enhance your nightstand. Moreover, you maximize space by placing a floor mirror by your nightstand if you do not have a separate dressing room. Also, enjoy a full-length view of your outfit while doubling the exposure in your bedroom.

Double your Bedroom Window

bedroom mirror

Just placing your mirror opposite a window allows you to bring the outside in and brighten the interior. Use a mirror with a typical window frame style to highlight the window effect. Look for details like divided mirror panes, shutters, or an arched top. Also, mirrors strategically positioned bring light into even the darkest of spaces, and by leaning a mirror at exactly the perfect angle, you can give the illusion of an extra window.

Style a Home Gym 

The Best Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

Home gyms are really popular right now! A sleek, substantially sized floor mirror will help you raise your workout game. Replace utility mirrors with elegant floor mirrors. Moreover, workout environments can also be gorgeous with the addition of a floor mirror.

Open Up the Dining Room

dining room mirror

In the dining area, a big floor mirror creates the illusion of a window and reflects the light from the chandelier. It is recommended to place additional mirrors along an open wall in the dining area to create an even brighter, window-like effect.

Top 8 Stylish Floor Mirrors

Whether resting on the wall as designed or having a stand, these showstopping pieces harness the power of light to transform your space. The following floor mirror designs will enhance the aesthetic design of your entryway, living room, bedroom, or anywhere you decide to position it.

1. Minimalist Wooden Floor Mirror with Irregular Frame

The Best Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

This minimalist wooden floor mirror with an irregular frame makes any room seem bigger and fills any space with reflected light, and its unique design complements many styles. Additionally, this wooden floor mirror reflects the modern style in your living room, bedroom, or dressing room. It’s made of shatterproof glass, with a wooden frame. Shop the minimalist wooden floor mirror with irregular frame

2. Contemporary Wooden Frame Floor Mirror.

wooden frame mirror


This Contemporary Wooden Frame Floor Mirror is the perfect modern accent piece for any room in your house. The wooden floor mirror has a sleek design. Add some flair to your living area with this Rectangle Wood Frame Floor Mirror and take pleasure in the reflections. Also, it is Perfect for body mirrors, dance mirrors, gym mirrors, and door mirrors. 

This Contemporary Wooden Frame Floor Mirror makes your room feel more spacious and enables you to take one final glance at your attire before leaving for the day. The big contemporary frame mirror is made of wood with a classic style that lets the natural wood grain show through. Shop the Contemporary Wooden Frame Floor Mirror

3. Slump Mirror - J-Shaped Asymmetrical Floor Mirror 

The Best Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

Give your living spaces a luxurious aesthetic uplift by incorporating this Slump Mirror - J-Shaped Asymmetrical Floor Mirror into your home. The black reeded glass tinted mirror and downward sloping lines give the upright Slump Mirror the playful appearance of being slumped or sinking toward the floor. Shop the Slump Mirror - J-Shaped Asymmetrical Floor Mirror.

4. Wooden Wavy Floor Mirror with Frame in Khaki 

wavy mirror

The Wooden Wavy Floor Mirror is a versatile design and this full-length mirror can be tilted back against the wall to save space. The mirror opens up your room and lets the light bounce around, while also providing a clear reflection so you can check out your look. It is made of high-quality glass mirror with no deformation, this mirror is also a great decoration in your home. Shop the Wooden Wavy Floor Mirror

5. Irregular Shaped Floor Mirror

The Best Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

Create the illusion of more space in your bedroom, living room or hallway with this Irregular Shaped Floor Mirror. Refined and elegant, this irregularly shaped floor mirror brings vintage charm to your home that complements any interior style. Gently place it on the floor in the foyer or any living space of your choice for brightness, depth, and dimension. However, the hand-crafted process of furniture making gives them a truly unique character. Each is one of a kind. Shop the Irregular Shaped Floor Mirror 

6. Creative Bear-Shaped Full Length Floor Mirror 

bear shaped full length mirror

The Creative Bear-Shaped Full-Length Floor Mirror is portable and can be used anywhere. With its bear body shape and fashionable appearance, you will adore this mirror. However, it will create a distinctive atmosphere in the living room, bedroom, entrance, hallway, office, and kitchen of your house and workplace. Shop the Bear-Shaped Full Length Floor Mirror 

7. Nordic Clear Acrylic Wavy Floor Mirror 

The Best Creative Ways to Style A Floor Mirror

With this special Nordic Clear Acrylic Wavy Floor Mirror, you can produce a variety of diverse circumstances ambiance. It provides a sharper, clearer, and more lifelike image due to its strong light reflection. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly, Wavy Floor Mirror doesn't include any elements that endanger the natural world. Also, this mirror can be used for home decoration, bringing an artistic touch to your home. Shop the Wavy Floor Mirror

8. Arch Farmhouse Floor Mirror in Distressed White 

arched window mirror

This Arch Farmhouse Floor Mirror will make an attractive and functional addition to your bedroom or dressing area. It is designed with a fir frame, an arched profile, and also window panes. Its wide silhouette also makes it more eye-catching, enlarging the space while adding a retro aesthetic to the space. Shop the Arch Farmhouse Floor Mirror.

In summary,

Although there are more dramatic ways to use floor-length mirrors, we hope you get inspired by the best creative ways to style a floor mirror mentioned above. Charmydecor is the place to go for all of your floor mirror needs. Also, we have a variety of large floor mirrors with frames to suit your taste and style. Visit to explore which mirrors you may include in your home.